Advantages and application of UHF RFID tags 2020-09-18
Advantages of UHF RFID electronic tags

It can identify high-speed fitness blocks and several other targets. It has the following advantages: strong penetration and resistance to extreme natural environments. Safety factor and strong security. It can be used repeatedly, and the memory capacity of data information is large.

The use of ultra-high frequency electronic tags

The ultra-high frequency RFID sales market has a very broad application field, and it has the advantages of being able to load several tags at a time, identify long distances, transmit data faster, have high reliability and service life, and endure outdoor extreme natural environments. It can be used for property management, production line management, supply chain management, warehousing and logistics, traceability of anti-counterfeiting marks of various objects (such as cigarettes, wine, medicine, etc.), retail, and car management.

Car management

According to the special short-range communication between the car intercept electronic tag installed on the car windshield and the frequency radio antenna on the ETC lane of the high-speed toll station, the software is used to connect the network technology with the financial institution to carry out the background management and settlement solution, and then do Arriving to the car is based on the purpose of paying road and bridge tolls without parking at the high-speed toll station in Luqiao District.

Electronic device logo

Electronic license plate is an application of subdivision, broadening and upgrading of the Internet of Things. Equipped with an electronic license plate label on the motor vehicle, the RFID electronic label is used as a plasmid carrier of vehicle information, and according to the road equipped with authorized radio frequency identification technology readers, the motor vehicle electronic label Data information is collected or loaded to complete the intelligent management of all cars.

Commodity anti-counterfeiting mark traceability

According to the application of RFID technology in the company's product manufacturing and other stages, complete the supervision of anti-counterfeiting marks, traceability, commodity circulation and sales markets, safeguard the corporate brand and patent rights, and maintain the legal rights of customers.

Logistics warehousing tray management

At present, RFID technology is introduced in warehouse management, and data collection of automatic technology is carried out for data information of each work stage such as warehouse delivery detection, warehouse entry, warehouse storage, transfer, warehouse movement, warehouse inventory, etc., to ensure important data for warehouse management The speed and accuracy of information entry ensure that the company can immediately and accurately grasp the real data information of the inventory, and effectively maintain and manipulate the company's inventory.

Cleaning manufacturing industry

The laundry label is heat-resistant, resistant to rubbing, and is key to tracking the laundry manufacturing industry and checking the cleaning status of clothes. The label is made of silicone rubber encapsulation technology, which can be sewn, cold stamped or suspended on cotton towels and clothing to carry out check management on cotton towels and clothing industry products. According to sewing a button-shaped (or label-shaped) electronic tag on each piece of hotel linen, until the hotel linen is charged (the tag can be reused many times, but it does not exceed the life of the tag itself). It will promote customers' laundry management to become more and more transparent and improve work efficiency. Heat-resistant laundry labels are widely used in textile product processing plants, hotel linen technology and professional cleaning and laundry shops.

Clothing management

Clothing management introduces RFID technology into the current clothing warehouse management, which can carry out automatic technology data collection on the data information of each work stage such as clothing warehouse delivery detection, storage, storage, transfer, warehouse movement, warehouse inventory, etc. Ensure the speed and accuracy of data entry in important links of warehouse management, ensure that the company immediately and accurately grasp the real data information of the inventory, and effectively maintain and manipulate the company's inventory. Ultra-high frequency RFID technology can carry out informatization from the important links of clothing production, commodity production and processing, finished product inspection, warehousing logistics, transportation logistics, delivery, and commodity sales, so that each manager can produce real, reasonable and immediate management and management decision-making applicable information , To show support points for the rapid development trend of business processes, and will be able to handle most of the problems.

RFID poultry management

The ultra-high frequency RFID foot ring electronic tag grants each poultry a unique "identity document", from the traceability management of poultry nursery stock, quarantine certificate, slaughter, production and processing to market sales, and reasonably prevents the food hygiene and safety of poultry. Key main purpose: worn on poultry such as chickens, ducks, geese, etc., and widely used in food traceability safety management at the stages of nursery stock, breeding, manufacturing, epidemic prevention, and market commodity circulation.

Live pig traceability management

The qualified raw pork Jingdong Baitiao is associated with RFID technology traceability tags, and the raw pork code obtained by the RFID technology security channel at the original factory is fully automatic relationship with the RFID real identity card information of the mid-downstream supplier obtained by the RFID traceability integrated machine. In addition, the all-in-one machine is also connected with the electronic scale to obtain the net weight, and the all-in-one machine copies the transaction evidence of meat products with the traceability system software. The traceability number, net weight, middle and downstream customers of this batch of original meat products are also submitted to the government department’s traceability control system software. A piece of raw pork matches the only store or operator, and the slaughter stage is completed. Live pigs enter the factory and Jingdong Information link of Baitiao original factory.

Tire management

The tires are embedded with RFID electronic tags to promote each tire to become a reasonable data information tracking plasmid carrier, and cooperate with the tire information database query to carry out reasonable management of the tire project life cycle.

Intelligent inspection management

The use of RFID technology can complete the digital, informatized and intelligent systems in the safety inspection work, thereby improving work efficiency and ensuring the safe operation of power projects. Suitable companies, individual power distribution stations and centralized control stations, etc., provide information on the equipment and equipment involved in the safety inspections of power projects, daily tasks of safety inspections, safety inspection routes, safety inspection points and their new safety inspections Project customization and management, complete safety inspections, timely operation and standardization of shortcomings management, thereby improving the management level of power engineering.

Airport luggage management

The technical application of RFID electronic tags to the tracking and management of airline bags ensures that international airlines can carry out tracking management and determination of passenger baggage consignment, so that the safety of passengers and baggage check bags arriving at the arrival station on time is guaranteed.

Property management

Use RFID electronic tags to mark solid assets, use RFID readers to collect data for regular management and inventory work of solid assets, and complete the entire tracking and information management of the application cycle time and application status of solid assets.

RFID medical machine management

The immediate advantages of RFID are obvious: For example, the total number of missing equipment will be reduced, and the time for manual service verification will also be reduced. After the introduction of RFID electronic tags to track each operating room equipment, the hospital outpatient department can ensure the detailed and complete disinfection and sterilization, and prevent the risk of medical quality management or medical accident disputes caused by the body left by the operating room equipment.

Jewelry Management

In the RFID smart jewelry management system software, the RFID electronic tag has a unique ID number, so after the electronic tag is matched with the jewelry individual one-to-one, based on the identification of the electronic tag, the overall goal of precise management of individual jewelry can be achieved . In addition, the ultra-high frequency RFID electronic tag has the feature of multiple tags to be loaded separately, so according to the basic construction of the RFID jewelry management system software, it can complete the rapid and accurate collection of goods and complete the high-efficiency management of the jewelry property.

Future development trend of ultra-high frequency RFID technology

Under the forecast of the continued growth of the sales market, my country's ultra-high frequency RFID sales market still has certain constraints. In recent years, the price of ultra-high-frequency electronic tags has fluctuated rapidly, but from the perspective of the overall cost of RFID integrated IC and including readers, electronic tags, distributed databases, and server maintenance, the price of ultra-high-frequency RFID system software is still worthwhile. High, and cost is a key indicator value for end users to measure long-term investment in new projects.

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